Sacred Home

‘There is a time in the life of everyone for quiet enjoyment of the things of the Spirit.
The purpose of Place. This is Sanctuario….’ ~ Anonymous


Award Winning & Consciously Made

We can live in balance with Mother Nature by taking simple and affective steps every day!


What is green?

Green Lifestyle is a term that refers to the future of our evolution here on planet earth. Green is sustainable living, organic and vital, a conscious awareness for how we live and how we take care of our beloved Mother Earth – our one true home…

Do you count?

Every living thing matters. What we think and what we do creates our future now. Be a part of the web of life.

Why begin at home?

There’s no place like home! How many times have we heard that? Our home is our center, the place where we grow, love, expand & be. Why not create sanctuary with Mother Nature’s natural essence? Think temple, think sacred space & be present where you live.

Who will benefit?

You, your family, your pets, the environment. Anyone sensitive to environmental illness, pollutants & allergens.

Is this healthy?

YES! The science of aromatherapy shows essential oils kill air borne virus. The use of toxic chemicals inhibit our natural ability to fight illness. Even with cleaning products, what we breath will have an impact on our state of physical, mental & emotional well being.


The Sacred Home line is
formulated for the seasonal aspect of living
to raise vibration with each new earth cycle.


Sacred Home Seasons environmental aromatherapy is created with nothing more than goodness from the elemental earth. These aromatic formulas are created seasonally to strengthen our connection to the natural rhythms of the living earth with organic therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant hydrosols. When we understand how important this connection is, we realize what affects one, affects the greater whole. In this way, to be in good timing is to be centered and within the flow of life.

Essential oils are concentrated volatile plant extracts with the power to provide sacred scent for well being. They are naturally antiseptic, antiviral and deodorizing. Not only can they shift energy, clean and clear, they can provide a natural uplifting for the spirit the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Essential Oil wisdom helps us to remember our environment is our sanctuary, a place where dreams can and do come true. When your home feels better, you feel better!

Transform with the Frequency of Nature

The Mother Earth is the outside reflection of humanity, a reflection of who we are. Be authentic. Begin within. Change the world.

When you transform your home by intentional redesign, or when you transform energies in the home with plant medicine, you can transform your life! The energy of a home represents your inner world, an extension of your life force essence. Sacred Home formulas are attuned to the subtle laws of nature by following the cycles of the seasonal path. These evolutionary cycles of movement give us a way to understand the value in life-lessons and growth. The natural flow of Mother Earth represents the phases of human life and the transitional journey of elemental alchemy. The seasonal aspect of living for raising vibration with each new cycle, provides a way for us to maintain a connection with the earth as an integral part of life for mapping out our path with an earth-centered conscious way to become awakened. Creating the sanctuary feeling for the soul by raising good vibes, and by cleaning without the use of toxic chemicals, imbues an overall healthier state for well being to grow and thrive. Plant Medicine energies emit feelings of tranquility, beauty and peace. Our world is changing and as we learn more everyday about what supports a healthier way of living, we begin to understand the invaluable role the green world plays as a teacher and guide.

A testimony from the heart…

Wow! This is the most wonderful ‘bright and sparkling’ home cleaner I have ever used in my life. For years I have had severe asthma and environmental challenges with chemical smells. When I discovered Terre’s Sacred Home, it literally brought tears of joy to my heart. I have used this product for years, and have recommended it to many. It cleans everything from kitchen to baths, tubs, counter tops, floors, mirrors and windows. I have sprayed it on my furniture, bedding, towels, carpet, pet areas, as well as used it for all aspects of home cleaning. My house keeper is thrilled. She raves about how beautiful the Sacred Home smells because after working with chemical smells for years she developed fairly extreme sinus challenges, and with the use of Sacred Home, she is beginning to smell again. We find it to be rejuvenating to the spirit. My son comes over to my house specifically to wash his car, just so he can use Sacred Home. He loves it. This product is revolutionary in its beauty and its very pure formulation. I am so thrilled to be using Sacred Home, and my lungs feel much better. One could literally throw out every other product in their cabinet and use only Sacred Home. kJ

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Organic & Nontoxic Eco-friendly Home Cleaner + Fabric Refresher Mist
+ Aroma-therapeutic + Antibacterial + Energy Purifying + Uplifting to the Soul!

Sacred Home Seasons all-purpose cleaning solutions will clean just about anything! To make one batch all you need is 2 ounces of concentrate added to 32 ounces of water. Shake and pour into a bowl, bucket or spray bottle. Please do not store any solution in plastic bottles. Only make up what you need. Happy cleaning to you and remember your environment is your sanctuary!

Sacred Home
Spring Renewal
Sacred Home
Autumn Retreat
Sacred Home
Summer Happiness
Sacred Home
Winter Beauty
$45/16 ounce

$45/16 ounce
$45/16 ounce
$45/16 ounce
$90/1 liter
$90/1 liter
$90/1 liter
$90/1 liter



For centuries holy people, medicine women and men, have understood the connection between aromatics and the calling forth of spirit. The burning of Frankincense in a church, the smoldering bowls of sacred herbs and resin outside the temple, rituals of anointing; all related to honoring spirit with blessings and prayers to open the energy field or pathway to higher consciousness. SRA Environmental Mists work in the same way without the use of smoke.


Incantation Mist

$24/2 ounce


Formulated to open the lines of subtle communication before meditation and prayer, or to create energetic unity within a group before gatherings. Among others, included in the formula is Frankincense and Spruce essential oils and Bulgarian Rose hydrosol. Spray the environment or space, raise energy with singing, humming or drumming. Walk through the mist for elevating your personal field. Anoint crown chakra, heart and feet. Incantation Mist energetically opens the channels to spirit bringing one to a centered space with the feeling of expanding peace.



Liquid Smudge

$16/2 ounce

$32/4 ounce


The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, spiritual purification and protection is a common practice among many religious, healing and spiritual traditions. It is a ceremonial way to cleanse a person, place or object of negative energies or influences, as well as, for inviting peace and harmony, positive and healing vibes into a personʼs life or into an environment.

Liquid shamanic smudge clears and purifies without the use of smoke. The formula includes herbal hydrosols, organic essential oils of sage, cedarwood, palo santa, lemon basil, mugwort and others. Be clear with your intention and focus on what you are desiring to accomplish. Offer blessings and prayers to spirit, as you release the plant spirit medicine into the air. Let your heart feel that you are the light.