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Energy Medicine & Shamanic Practitioner
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Greetings to you, and welcome!

Even though I enjoy the process of writing, how words come onto a page like color onto a canvas, I do admit writing about myself feels a bit less than graceful. What makes it easier is that I love what I do. You’ve heard the saying before: if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! Well, the journey of aromatics has felt that way for me. My life and those around me have been enriched by this craft, and increasingly everyday I see it as a true blessing without limitation of who I am!

I believe my purpose is to help others understand and embrace the ways of Mother Nature. The platform I jump from includes the work I do with the energetic dimensions of essential oils, and the elemental beings that live in community with them. Their gift to humanity is to accelerate the spirit, support healthy living, and to create connection for higher states of being. I’m going to tell you about my history, the training I’ve received, the ways of my practice; a fragment of what seems to be more than a life full of experiences with the magical use of plant spirit medicine. I will also explain my alchemy language throughout the sections in the website to help define terms that may seem different from what you read about essential oils from others.

The life force of aromatics inspire transformation, and I remember the very first time I put my nose to a magical blend and the feeling that rose from inside. Something opened in me. Aromatics take action by shifting energies, like a big burst of combined healing and faith that appears when you least expect it or when you need it most. They can enhance, clear, restore and renew. Therapeutically, they contain organic chemical compositions to balance and heal. Emotionally, when they release the rush of good-feeling hormones in the body, they open the channels of spirit to help you know that everything will be okay. When inhaling plant spirit prana, you rise above the chaos of any illusion. When you work with aromatic blends or single essential oils as a part of your daily ritual, you begin to realize you are reaching new levels of consciousness of knowing that everything you do is awakening you to a state of grace. Life changes in good and positive ways when you embrace all that aromatics have to offer.

What comes to mind is this: in life we all have a ‘point of impact’ (and maybe even more than one). Many moons ago, I remember the band Kansas sang about ‘the point of no return.’ A poignant occurrence, nonetheless, when we know the point of impact has to be an opportunity for change, because anything else simply doesn’t make sense. My story has been no different. The life force or spirit essence of essential oils helped me to open and shift when I needed it most. Blended aromatic elixirs that come from the higher dimensions are powerful allies for change to help us when we need ‘attune up.’ If you have arrived at this website, important change may be presenting itself to you, or maybe you want to know how you can help a world in crisis. Whatever it is, I’d like you to know the support you desire is there for you. There is possibility in everything!

Now for those who want to know about my background, please continue to read, but most importantly I’d like you to understand that when working with essential oils you can experience the magic in every drop, no matter what your level of skill is. If you are drawn to the nature of plant medicine, all you have to do is be open and let the journey begin. Whether you are looking for good quality products or a way to learn more about the spiritual connection we have through olfactory communication, any experience will be worth the ride!

Thank you for visiting this website and thank you for taking an interest in Sacred Rose Alchemy!
Many blessings be to you…. Terre


My Aromatic Journey….

(A message from my guides in 1983)

“You are born onto a path as if the path has chosen you. From the moment of memory, you step into your destiny. Into a circle of where you begin a journey of discovery with shades of remembering, journeys of love and expansion, ebb and flow, a journey to remember who you are. This sets in motion the essence for divine manifestation from a state of being in your heart, a destiny’s intention being born. A sacred garden awaits you, where all potential dwells in the soil, seed, root, flower and leaf. It is the soul of Mother Earth for creating awakened life. Embrace what you know as the One True Self.”

Sacred Rose Alchemy is my creation in collaboration with the living spirit of Mother Earth. I have been working in the fields of alternative medicine and holistic healing for over twenty-five years. I think of myself as a plant spirit medicine woman because this seems to best describe the path I travel. Even as a little person the animals, stones and flowers, the moon and the stars were a part of my sphere of being. They spoke to me and I could hear them. I have always been able to sense the magic in all things, and my love for the spiritually attuned plant realm was cultivated in my family’s vegetable and flower gardens when I was a child. As a result of my lifetime experience with subtle realm communication, my belief is that plant-spirit energies play an integral role for an evolving humanity and the shift into the higher dimensional way of living, loving and being.

My curious wildflower spirit helped me to find home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, among the crystal embedded vortices of the high desert. By living here, I feel the spirit, or fragrance, of the land has elevated my awareness to a different level for receiving the messages offered from the spirits of essential oils. These passions of mine imbue the mysteries of the divine and the world soul. All of which, has lead me on a journey of transformational alchemy, giving me a way to translate these energies into creating sacred space, painting, photography, writing, teaching, and into the intoxicating plant spirit formulas created for SRA.

Working with transformative acts of healing for personal alignment is my way of living life and how I feel drawn to serve. Assisting women is another. To be involved in the circle of sisterhood and to help women find their own spiritual core, has felt like a gift. By working with the direct frequencies of organic essential oils, I have come to understand these plant energies are beings of light, and they are here to help us remember our true Nature Self. These essential beings are allies and they guide with the intention to ‘set free’ any person into the realms of awakening, love and peace. The aromatic energy dynamic can surround and enhance the auric field with balancing and healing vibes, and when this happens, we can feel more present, engaged, integrated and whole. Added to the mix, and something I view as an embodied path, is my divine practice of Goddess Spirituality with the realm of aromatics. These connections have helped me to understand how important it is to live in relationship to this source. My practice is grounded in the plant spirit shamanic path, and I see this as the conscious act of climbing the soul’s pyramid to an actualized state of being. From this I have gained the knowledge for the art of aromatic alchemy, a transformational tool for a journey in self-mastery, designed to unveil the deep connection we have to a greater spiritual source.

I am formally trained in a variety of holistic disciplines which include hypnotherapy, shamanic and energy medicine practices; Soul Retrieval, Reiki, and Matrix Energetics. I am certified as a medicinal aromatherapist and have had extensive training as an aromatherapy educator. By others observations, I’ve been called an intuitive seer and life coach. In the jungles of Mexico, I was initiated into the unseen realms of shamanism. The alchemy application of my practice has come from my direct experience and the guidance I’ve received from the helping spirits.

Raising my two children in the Midwest, is where I began to understand the value in creating a relationship with the Earth Mother. This led to owning and operating a wellness center and metaphysical bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas called Hummingbird Song. This thirteen year time of magical evolving produced a thriving aromatherapy practice for me. It also became the place for an up and coming alternative community to build their practices at a time when holistic and spiritual healing were taking flight. It was such a great experience and I loved it!

My work merges energetic shamanic technique with the practice of aromatic alchemy into every creation. The intention is to restore and expand harmony, and to raise personal vibrations for the well being of body, mind, spirit and soul. This journey has taken me to Europe, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii and across the United States. Throughout my life, these inner and outer travels have given me a greater sense of how to creatively transform myself and how to assist others, something I feel keeps evolving with every new day.